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2010-09-24 10:26 am

love the wax room at woree, have been three times now. right price too. :-)

Posted By: scubacharlie regarding The Wax Room


2013-03-18 06:23 pm

Great location, great view best of all great services

Posted By: vy-tuong-nguyen regarding Martinique Whitsunday Resort


2010-12-23 10:11 am

Words can't describe the beauty of this place

Posted By: bernard-okeefe regarding Hotel Qualia


2010-08-18 01:13 pm

Katharina has really produced some beautiful work. I've been involved with what she has contributed at fashion parades, wedding expos and personally. She's really particular and likes to make everyone feel very comfortable!

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Beauty Therapist


2012-01-15 06:36 pm

Just returned from yet another blissful massage from Julie. What I love most about this place is that I can go there in pain and have a deep remedial style massage where they work out the knots or I can go there for a relaxed gentler treatment and really chill out. The ladies certainly are multi talented and will work to your request ... and to top it all off they always have great music and incense. Heaven!

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Intuitive Massage